Shortly after Jack Martin founded John A. Martin & Associates in Los Angeles in 1953, he began work on the firm’s first large project – The Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Since that start, John A. Martin & Associates and its affiliated offices have grown to one of the largest and most highly respected structural engineering firms in the country. The corporation’s network includes 14 offices throughout the United States and the portfolio of work reflects its significant contribution to the nation’s built environment, completing structural and civil designs for an annual average of 60 million square feet of new construction worldwide; as well as the firm’s well deserved reputation for providing the highest quality structural and civil engineering services.

John A. Martin and Associates has continuously had a local office in Las Vegas since 1975 and believe that no structural engineering challenge is too large, too complex, or too demanding to be completed right here in Las Vegas. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality design and professional service in the structural engineering industry. No matter how grand the dream, John A. Martin & Associates will be there to help make it a reality.

Photography by Tina B Photography

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