John A. “Trailer” Martin, Jr. S.E. – Principal
Trailer Martin is a nationally recognized Structural Engineer with more than 49 years of experience in the design and construction of large-scale, complex structures in seismically active areas. Highly regarded for his technical expertise, Trailer serves on a variety of seismic review boards, task forces and oversight committees, including appointments for the Cal State University and University of California educational systems. He has also held numerous positions, including two terms as Board Chairman of the State of California’s Hospital Building Safety Board.

Gregory L. Clapp, P.E., S.E. – Vice President/Chief Structural Engineer
In his capacity as Chief Structural Engineer and Partner with over thirty eight (38) years of structural engineering experience, Mr. Clapp has supervised and designed various types and sizes of structures – high rise hotels, office buildings, correctional facilities, commercial facilities, low rise casino buildings, public and private housing. Mr. Clapp is experienced in designing wood, reinforced masonry, steel, reinforced cast-in-place concrete, and post-tensioned concrete structures. He has extensively used computer methods in structural analysis and design. His emphasis is given to seismic design and dynamic loading on structures.

Pete Padilla, P.E. - Associate
In his capacity as associate and project manager with John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada, Mr. Padilla, through his analytical yet outside the box approach in project management has proven success in his role. His 18 years of experience has allowed his skills to excel making his participation on any project valuable in all aspects.

Tammy L. Carter, P.E. - Associate
With 20 years of design experience on several different types of projects, Ms. Carter has the ability to communicate with the architect and the owner to solve problems in order to build a project that will meet their needs. Ms. Carter has experience on projects that include structural steel, reinforced concrete, and reinforced masonry. In addition to the previously mentioned projects, Ms. Carter has experience designing light gauge steel systems for interior and exterior use.

Steve William Schiller, P.E., S.E. – President
No where else in the world would I have the opportunity to design buildings so unique in their size, complexity and schedule. The relationships with the owners, architects, consultants, builders, and our staff that I have developed during my time with the firm combined with the projects makes this the best engineering job I can imagine.

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