Crown Towers – Sydney Australia

Crown Towers - Sydney Australia


Crown Sydney Hotel

  • Luxury six-star hotel with 350 rooms and suites
  • 834,203 approximate total square feet
  • 65,498 square foot gaming facility
  • 71 floors
  • 66 luxury residential apartments
  • Crystal Club VIP amenity floor
  • Luxury roof top infinity pool, spa and gymnasium facilities, restaurants, bars, retail
  • Five restaurants (including a roof-top restaurant)
  • Three bars (including nightclub/lounges)
  • Luxury retail tenancies

Associated tourist attractions
To attract international tourists and entice them to repeat their visit, tourism operators must provide unique and memorable experiences. The Crown Sydney Hotel Resort will provide a number of unique attractions as a part of its package to international tourists and VIP travelers:

  • The Ellerston Retreat (section 6.5(a) for details);
  • The Perisher Ski Resort (section 6.5(b) for details); and
  • Crown is also working with renowned architects and designers to develop concepts for other tourist attractions, which will complement the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort experience and contribute to the overall tourism appeal of Barangaroo.
  • Crown and its management have international experience
    with incorporating attractions in resorts, which have become iconic features of their host city and must-see tourist attractions.
  • Training colleges and indigenous employment.
  • Crown Sydney training colleges will be established at the following locations in partnership with the NCIE and the Penrith Panthers Group:
    • Penrith—at the Penrith Panthers Group’s proposed community center; and
    • Redfern—at the NCIE training facility.

Project Partners

  1. The NCIE;
  2. United Voice;
  3. Penrith Panthers Group;
  4. Mission Australia; and
  5. Lend Lease.

Project Delivery Dates

Crown’s estimated timetable for construction of the Crown Sydney Hotel Resort involves a total of approximately 60 to 70 months including:

  • Specifications and design – approximately 4 to 6 months;
  •  Approvals – approximately 6 to 12 months;
  • Tender and Negotiation – approximately 4 to 6 months;
  • Construction – approximately 42 months; and
  • Pre-opening – approximately 3 months.

The hotel (including restaurants, bars and retail) at Crown Sydney is expected to open in 2018 and the VIP gaming facilities are expected to open in November 2019.


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