JOB TITLE: BIM Implementation Leader

JOB START DATE: As Soon As Possible


  • Software
    • Maintain excellence in modeling skills
    • Manage software products including, but not limited to, incorporating new versions and releases, add-ins, and supplemental enhancement software
    • Manage implementation of supporting software for BIM
    • Evaluate new BIM related software and technology
    • Stay informed on best practices for the use of REVIT and add-ins
    • Stay current on other BIM related software and how it interacts and interfaces with REVIT
    • Assist BIM staff with improvement of skills with consideration to staff training, experience, and communication style
  • Production Standards
    • Continually improve REVIT templates
    • Maintain, monitor, and continually improve REVIT modeling standards and work flows
    • Review models periodically to ensure compliance with modeling standards
    • Provide in-house training to ensure production staff is fully aware of standards
    • Proactively determine what improvements in productivity are achievable and develop workflows and routines to implement them
    • Determine when standards should not be adhered to for special circumstances
  • Content
    • Assist the coordinators and lead modelers with the project set-up
    • Assist the coordinators and lead modelers with interface and coordination with the design team, contractors, and owners
    • Monitor information flow to verify that models from outside sources are being updated and integrated regularly
    • Assist with automation of routine tasks
    • Develop and troubleshoot custom content
    • Develop 3-D animation to describe sequencing
    • Able to assist in production when deadlines dictate
    • Primary source for technical support for all REVIT and BIM related questions and issues
  • Training
    • Provide fundamental and intermediate training for modeling and engineering staff
    • Provide continuing REVIT training sessions
    • Verify that training is being implemented
  • Other Support
    • Assist branch offices with BIM related issues
    • Keep firm management informed of strengths, weaknesses, challenges, successes, potential future issues, and possibilities
    • Coordinate with vendors
    • Assist marketing with graphics, animation, and content for web and social media
    • Assist with evaluation of candidates Revit skills
    • Assist engineering staff with developing and improving BIM related work flows during the construction phase of projects
  • Continual Learning
    • You will attend and participate in industry conventions and conferences and participate in local, national, and international user groups.  It will be expected that you disseminate information, ideas, and concepts learned at conferences, courses, or through independent research and inquiry to all staff and management.
    • John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada will pay for travel and conference related expense.
  • Community Outreach
    • You will be encouraged to provide outreach to local schools, colleges, universities, and organizations to promote the profession and industry.


  • Minimum 5 years of production experience in design, drafting, modeling or engineering within the AEC Industry
  • Must have in-depth working knowledge of Autodesk REVIT with an emphasis on production efficiency
  • Able to identify work flows or processes that when improved will positively and significantly impact productivity
  • Able to generate custom content in support of production efforts
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; demonstrated ability to productively interact with colleagues, clients, and other professionals
  • Strong time management skills
  • Able to assume additional responsibilities while maintaining focus on primary responsibilities with minimal guidance
  • Able to prioritize new responsibilities and/or tasks with ongoing work to maintain focus on primary responsibilities and mission
  • Able to move between projects and/or tasks with minimal negative impact on productivity
  • Able to collaborate effectively with IT staff


  • Certified Revit Professional – structural certification preferred
  • Working knowledge of Dynamo, visual programming, and REVIT API
  • Experience and skill working with custom content from Architects, Owners, other consultants, and contractors
  • Experience in developing and implementing BIM execution plans for projects
  • Experience managing coordination of models amongst architects, owners, other consultants, and contractors
  • Experience managing and maintaining the highest quality in the exchange of models and other information between our office and our clients and other project stakeholders
  • Knowledge of other BIM platforms, add-ins, and compatible software


  • John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada is committed to provide the latest in technology with high end gaming computers and full time IT support.


  • $ 60,000.00 to $102,000.00 – depending on qualifications
  • Generous benefits package.
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Reasonable relocation allowance available

Qualified candidates are encouraged to email their resume along with a cover letter to [email protected]

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